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Los Angeles Trip - The Broad Museum

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

First off, why did I make the trip out to LA in the first place? Build the portfolio...plain and simple. Back in November of 2019, I attended a commercial architecture photography workshop and was hit with a lot of fantastic advice. One big thing I took away was the importance of personal projects and always building your portfolio. As much as the architecture in Kansas City is interesting (don't get me wrong), there's only so much to shoot. So not long after attending the workshop, I started putting together plans to head out to Los Angeles and photograph as much as I could within 3 days. First building on the agenda to shoot? The Broad Museum on Grand ave.

the los angeles broad museum at sunrise
The Broad Museum before sunrise (donut tire marks left in on purpose)

Yes the Broad has been photographed a million times by a million other photographers. I just wanted my take on it and honestly I'd feel remiss if I didn't while I was out there. So I set the alarm for 5:30am and decided to get out there just before sunrise. Aaaaaaand...that was about the only shot I wanted at that time of day. I then walked down the block to grab some sunrise images of the Walt Disney Concert Hall (those photos for a later blog post). After taking some shots of the concert hall that morning, I came across an outdoor staircase that gave me an interesting perspective of the museum. And as many architectural photographers will know, the angle is very similar to the cover of Mike Kelley's photo book. It's kind of a copy-cat photo, I know.

I left the area but after checking out a sun direction app, I decided to come back around 12:30 to see what the "dimple" side would look like in direct sun and possibly grab some detail shots. And here they are...

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Виталий Гришков
Виталий Гришков
02. Okt. 2021

Awesome! Looking forward to see more work from different cities you visit.

Gefällt mir
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